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Technical Advisory of Expomin Congress
Coordinación y producción Congreso EXPOMIN
Congreso Internacional Expomin
Coordinación y producción Encuentro Estudiantes y Profesores EXPOMIN
SIPS 2015
Training Courses

AL Prospecta Consultores Ltda. offers the following training courses in order to update knowledge at technical, professional and executive level in different organizations, such as government, mining companies or suppliers.

a) Cluster in Natural Resources
  • General overview about clustering: theory and practice
  • Experiences from developed and Latin American countries, as well as Chile: role of governmental and productive sector with case studies and lessons.

b) China Development and Industrialization: Challenges for the Chilean Industry
  • General overview about policies, economy, social and cultural issues with emphasis in the present situation and China performance as global player
  • Analysis of the technological development with focus in mining and metallurgy
  • Analysis of the exploitation and processing of mineral resources
  • Analysis of the relationship between Chile and China, and main challenges for the Chilean economy
c) Environmental Issues in the Mining and Metallurgical Industry (Peru and Chile)
  • Development of the sector: production and market access, investment, main players, etc.
  • Analysis of the main processes for primary production with case studies
  • Regulatory trends
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Waste management and treatment
d) Mining and Metallurgical Waste Management and Metal Recovery
  • Waste generation and its environmental impact
  • Analysis of the regulatory frame to the national and international level
  • Technological development and best available technologies (BAT) for the waste handling, treatment and disposal: case studies
  • Metal recovery: case studies
e) Best practices in sulfured mineral processing
  • Mineral processing overview and analysis of main parameters to be measured in the process
  • Description and analysis of the tests used to measure these parameters
  • Discussion of results and ways to compare results with process data
  • Suggestions to carry out adjustment into the process