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AL Prospecta
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AL Prospecta
Technical Advisory of Expomin Congress
Coordinación y producción Congreso EXPOMIN
Congreso Internacional Expomin
Coordinación y producción Encuentro Estudiantes y Profesores EXPOMIN
SIPS 2015

Over 90 strategic advisory and market studies, including:

Strategic Advisory
  • Mining Exhibition and Congress EXPOMIN 2008 to present: technical advisory and technical coordinator of
  • Introduction of new technologies and suppliers to the Chilean and Peruvian mining market
  • Market research and technological benchmarking for mining and metallurgy: processes, clusters, metal recovery from mining waste, etc.
  • Identification, characterization and contact of world-class mining suppliers worldwide for investment attraction program – Chile
  • Status of copper smelting business worldwide
Business Opportunities (Chile and Latin America)
    Negocios Mineria
  • Exploration and Mining:
    • Market survey in exploration, underground and open pit operations and projects
    • OTR and undergroundTyres
    • Electrical cables
    • Shotcrate use in underground mines
  • Metallurgy:
    • Market survey of hydrometallurgical, and concentrator plants and projects for Cu, Mo, Au-Ag, industrial minerals, U, Ni, Zn, etc.
    • Chemical: flotation and SX reagents;flocculants, Copper sulphate, lime, others
    • Grinding balls
  • Environment:
    • Mining waste generation in mining and metallurgical operations
    • Arsenic managment in smelters
    • Mine closure
  • Food and Brewage Industry:
    • Market survey of main technologies and procurement needs from productive companies (meat, daily, salmon, wine, beer, water, honey, processed and pet food, etc.)
  • Infrastructure:
    • Market of desalinization plants for mining
Procurement and Sourcing:
  • R&D and technologies for metal recovery from metallurgical waste worldwide
  • Customers for minor metals in Asia: Se, Te, Bi, Cd, As, Sb, etc.
  • Drilling tools (DTH Hammer) and machining services in China
  • Worldwide Calcium chloride market and potential suppliers
  • Worldwide Pyrite market and potential customers
  • Ferric sulphate market and potential suppliers from China: feed grade
Training Courses
Desarrollo Mineria
  • Cluster in Natural Resources
  • China Development and Industrialization: Challenges for the Chilean Industry
  • Environmental Issues in the Mining and Metallurgical Industry (Peru and Chile)
  • Mining Waste Management and Metal Recovery
  • Best Practices in Sulfured Mineral Processing

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